School Council

The Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993 provides for the establishment of local School Councils. The Bridgewater Middle School Council is an advisory board to the Principal that helps shape the policies and programs of our school and is composed of equal numbers of parents and faculty, along with at least one community representative. The council brings together stakeholders with different perspectives to share ideas and help shape the direction our school will take to strengthen teaching and learning.

Guidelines for school councils have been set by the Education Reform Act. In general, it is the council’s responsibility to advise the school Principal about school matters such as reviewing the budget, discussing curriculum needs, etc. In addition, at the end of the academic year, the council develops educational goals for the upcoming school year and presents these ideas in the form of a School Improvement Plan. This plan is presented to the School Committee for approval.

For more information about the establishment of school councils, their membership requirements and their responsibilities, please visit:

School Councils