2019 Summer Letter From Principal Kaliff

Posted on 08/12/2019
Message from Principal Kaliff




Good Afternoon,

I hope that all of our students and families have had the opportunity to enjoy some time together over the summer. I am writing to inform you of some important updates for the new school year. Please share the information with your child. 


The Department of Education uses an accountability system to measure school and district performance. Part of the accountability system targets student attendance when determining student, school, and district performance. The information gathered is used to determine what resources are available to schools, districts and communities. The state defines chronic absenteeism when a student is missing from school 10% of the required time they are scheduled to be in school. This includes absences, tardies and dismissals. In addition, the state identifies anytime a student is absent from school as an absence regardless of reason for accountability purposes. 

To help provide a better understanding of the impact on students missing time in school see the chart below. When a student is absent, tardy, or dismissed from school their time missed from school must verified. A note from a parent/guardian/doctor should be provided to the school. A note does not excuse the absence it only verifies the reasons for the absence. Any absence not verified can be considered truancy from school and result in disciplinary action.